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But it was a masterpiece compared to…. The poor reception to Ace 2 burned Carrey so much that he was dead against retreading old ground from that day forward… well, until rolled the dice with Dumb and Dumberer because his film career had hit the skids. Umm, yeah.

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The Mask is now 25 years old and marks the moment Jim Carrey was fully embraced by the planet as a refreshing new talent. The fact we never got a proper sequel was a shame, but spare a thought for the winner of a Nintendo Power competition to be an extra in the unmade Carrey sequel. Sign in. Get started.

This Jim Carrey superhero comedy was once an ultra-violent comic-book?

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Dan Owen Follow. The family-friendly Hollywood remake So how did an incredibly violent Dark Horse comic-book become a family-friendly superhero comedy three years after becoming a bestseller? The character continued to appear in various limited series, to goofier and stupider extremes: The Mask: Hunt for Green October , where a film buff uses the mask to avenge the death of his wife at a theme park, that he blames on the entrepreneur who owns it.

The Mask: Toys in the Attic , where a toy designer uses the mask to murder a bunch of high school colleagues who ridiculed his acting. This four-issue run did see Doug Mahnke return to draw the cover art. Like Father, Like Son? A famous family and a game show theme are the two most prominent clues, and we can't seem to crack what's happening with her just yet. It turns out those sleuths were right! The year-old musician gave his best renditions of "Rapper's Delight" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," but he still ended up second fiddle—just like his clues predicted.

Sorry, guys. The Eagle was a far cry from Adam Levine or Bruce Springsteen, who were some of the leading suspicions. It was Dr. Drew Pinsky under the bird mask, and to say we were totally floored is an understatement. The colorful creature was actually Laila Ali, former professional boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali. He belted out his best versions of "One Way or Another" and "Just Dance," but ultimately it wasn't enough to keep him in the competition. Some fans thought the dancing dessert could be television host Jimmy Fallon.

But they were way off, as it was YouTube star and professional gamer Ninja hiding behind the tasty treat.

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His version of "Whip It" and "Old Town Road" were sadly not delicious enough to carry him into the next round. We want to know: Who do you hope will appear this season? Tell us in the comments! Type keyword s to search. Though Taylor and her crew possess enthusiasm for Leslie's creativity, their consciences catch up with them on the night of the murders. They beg Leslie to call off his killing spree, but Leslie is adamant, believing that his survivor girl will define herself by facing him.

He lets the crew leave but they ultimately decide to stop Leslie. Taylor attempts to warn and rally the remaining teens together to fight Leslie, attempting to use the knowledge they have against Leslie, but Leslie's preparations and ingenuity allow him to adapt is plans and traps to repeatedly give him the upper hand. The group looks to Kelly - who is revealed to be very sexually active - for leadership, but she unexpectedly dies when trying to escape. Taylor quickly realizes that, as a virgin herself, she was Leslie's intended survivor girl all along.

Leslie continues picking off the group one-by-one until only Taylor remains. She faces Leslie and defeats him in the exact manner he had laid out for her, crushing Leslie's head in the apple press, then burns down the shed in which he was defeated, apparently killing him. Outside, she finds Doug and Doc Halloran, who have both survived their encounters with Leslie.

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Over the final credits, security camera footage reveals Leslie's charred body sitting up on an autopsy table, still alive. Helens , Estacada , and Sauvie Island.

One of the film's key sequences featuring Leslie's confrontation with Kelly at the library was filmed at the Central Library in downtown Portland. Filming took place in November Due to the limited budget and location restrictions, some of the script was re-written during filming to accommodate the filming locations.

Actor Scott Wilson became involved in the film after a suggestion from friend Robert Englund , who was already cast in the film. Director Scott Glosserman recruited a group of young local filmmakers in Portland to work as additional editors on the film after seeing and being impressed by an independent film they had produced called The Black Shoe Drifter. The film premiered at the South by Southwest film festival in March , [4] and toured at other festivals, eventually acquiring distribution from Anchor Bay Entertainment , who released the film limitedly in the United States in March The consensus reads: "A smart mockumentary that presents a gory, funny, and obviously affectionate skewering of the slasher genre.

Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News called the film "a must for those who like thrills laced with a sense of humor" and noted the film's deadpan sense of humor. Contrarily, The Village Voice gave the film an unfavorable review, stating: "Desperately overcompensating for the fact that most horror films are already parodies of themselves, Behind the Mask takes a bite out of the dumb Scream franchise before devouring its own tail, proving that you are what you eat.

Well, then you're treading into sequel territory.

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If there is any kind of scoop, it's not really a scoop but I can tell you and your readers that there is a definite idea for what's going to happen to Leslie Vernon next, that's been the goal all along. There are a lot of what-ifs, and things to have to happen right in this business for that to ever come to fruition, but certainly if there's going to be another horror movie coming from me, my biggest impulse, of course, is to relate what happens to Leslie next. Baesel, when asked about the possibility of returning for a sequel to Behind the Mask , stated,.

I know that ideas have already been circulating around Scott and David's heads and I'd love to take Leslie on again. However, I don't think we'd undertake a sequel unless the script is as good or better than Behind the Mask. The first was so good it would be pissing on Leslie's legacy to set out with anything less than inspired