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And while she jumps through all of the hoops some more successfully than others , she never succeeds in uniting the disparate elements into one coherent whole. Popular on Variety. The final part of the equation, the effortless banter, frequently lapses into heavily arch post-modernism.

Anachronisms are an easy way to pick up a laugh in plays like this, but MacDonald goes too often for the cute and facile joke. Thesps seem understandably divided on how to play this tricky material.

Her firm and steady approach helps to hold the evening on course. Donna Belleville as a well-meaning aunt and Peter Millard as a duplicitous doctor also play it fairly straight, which means they get few laughs but a stronger character line. On the other hand, Bernard Behrens and Jeff Madden as, respectively, very old and very young family retainers play strictly for comedy.

This makes them initially delightful, but ultimately they wear out their welcomes. And Jeff Meadows as the flamboyant black-sheep brother is so over-the-top from his first entrance that he seems to have wandered in from another play.

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Maybe MacDonald should have turned this one into a novel as well. Directed by Alisa Palmer. Opened, reviewed July 16, Seamus Reid - Peter Millard Mr. Abbott - Graeme Somerville. Disconcertingly at first, this protean person is alternately played by both male and female performers. But before [ Jeff Meadows accomplishes the difficult task of making Victor a sympathetic character even though MacDonald has made none of the motivations for his actions at all clear.

Donna Belleville is source of constant humour as Aunt Flora with her malapropisms and her readiness to believe in supernatural explanations for everyday occurrences.

Belle Moral - Theatre III

Abbott a useful air of mystery. See more.

Adult Onset. Ann-Marie MacDonald.

ISBN 13: 9780887548246

From the acclaimed, bestselling author of two beloved classics, Fall On Your Knees and The Way the Crow Flies, Adult Onset is a powerful drama that makes vividly real the pressures of life and love, and the undercurrents that run deep through even the most devoted families.

Mary Rose MacKinnon is a successful author of YA fiction doing a tour of duty as stay-at-home mom while her partner, Hilary, takes a turn focusing on her career.

She tries valiantly to balance the mostly solo parenting of two young children with the relentless needs of her aging parents. But amid the hilarities of full-on domesticity arises a sense of dread.

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Do other people notice the dents in the expensive refrigerator? As frustrations mount, she experiences a flare-up of forgotten symptoms of a childhood illness that compel her to rethink her own upbringing, her own family history. With humor and unerring emotional accuracy, Adult Onset explores the pleasures and pressures of family bonds, powerful and yet so easily twisted and broken.

Ann-Marie MacDonald has crafted a searing, terrifying, yet ultimately uplifting story. Fall On Your Knees. The Piper family is steeped in secrets, lies, and unspoken truths.