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Biglaiser G, DeRouen K.

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Economic reforms and inflows of foreign direct investment in Latin America. Latin American Research Review 41 1 : Braun, Sebastian. Core labour standards and FDI: Friends or foes? The case of child labour. Review of World Economics 4 : Busse M. Transnational corporations and repression of political rights and civil liberties: An empirical analysis. Kyklos 57 1 : Cantwell, J. Correa CM. Cowan, Ruth Schwartz, A Social History of American Technology. Delios, Andrew and Witold J. Dore, Ronald.

Latecomer upgrading in Taiwan: Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy: Vol 20, No 3

Stanford Press. Drezner, Daniel. Edquist, Charles. Systems of Innovation : Technologies, Institutions, and Organizations. Wash, DC: Pinter.

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Egger P, Winner H. Economic freedom and taxation: Is there a Trade-off in the locational competition between countries? Public Choice : Florida, R. Freeman, Christopher.

Beyond Late Development: Taiwan's Upgrading Policies, vol 1

Gallagher ME. Reform and openness: Why China's economic reforms have delayed democracy. Gerschenkron, Alexander. Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Press. Hall, Bronwyn H. Cambridge, MA. Hall, Peter A. Hall Robert E.

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Harms P, Ursprung HW. Do civil and political repression really boost foreign direct investments? Economic Inquiry 40 4 : Hayek, Friedrich A. Henisz, Witold J. Jensen NM. Democratic governance and multinational corporations: Political regimes and inflows of foreign direct investment.

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  • International Organization 57 3 : She also saw knowledge as a crucial determinant of economic growth. In the former she concentrated on the development of South Korea and in the latter she compared the experiences of several developing countries—mostly East Asian and Latin American countries. In , Amsden died suddenly at her home in Cambridge at the age of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alice H. Brooklyn, New York. Cambridge, Mass.

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    MIT News Office. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Amsden and Wan-wen Chu. Any study of a country's economic development should examine at least the major economic drivers and put them in their historical context. Amsden and Chu's use of Taiwan's electronics as well as modern services industries to illustrate Taiwan's economic development is a good example.

    In addition, they have carefully considered the extent to which the latecomer model can be generalized. As the authors themselves contend, standard theories of the firm have to be adapted to explain latecomer upgrading.

    Tyler Cowen on Big Business, Socialism, Free Speech, and Stagnant Productivity Growth - #21

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