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Toby Miller. Heritage, Culture, and Politics in the Postcolony. Daniel Herwitz. Strike Art. Yates McKee. Consuming the Entrepreneurial City.

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Global Memoryscapes. Kendall R. Performing for Survival. Patrick Duggan. Law and the City. Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos. Nationalism and Youth in Theatre and Performance. Victoria Pettersen Lantz. Contemporary Citizenship, Art, and Visual Culture. Corey Dzenko. The Design of Protest. Tali Hatuka. Breaching Borders.

Juliet Steyn. Postcolonial Transitions in Europe. Sandra Ponzanesi. America Observed. Virginia R. Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration. Mirjana Lozanovska. Staging Strangers. Barry Freeman. Global Perspectives on the United States. Virginia Dominguez. Alexandra Staub.

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Ethnicities and Values in a Changing World. Gargi Bhattacharyya. Milton contributes a Latin American case of Cold War memory in her article on Peruvian visual art and its confrontation with the heritage of the civil war during and after the Fujimori period. Given the extremely important artistic interventions into the political and mnemonic landscapes of Latin America and the impact these practices have had outside the continent, this chapter points to a crucial issue within the overall topic of the volume.

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He points out how the remnants of the destroyed Jewish culture still irritate the trends to homogenize post-Holocaust Polish memory beyond the globalizing standards, as interventions like the work of the artist Yael Bartana do indeed prove. Mnemonic hegemony is ceaselessly being destabilized by subversive activism, while mainstream politics of memory tries to impose the icon of not-yet-sainted pope John Paul II over the social memory of socialism. Altogether, this volume brings together an interesting array of case studies on the lively intersection of the politics of memory and the exhibitionary complex.

Among the growing number of publications in this interdisciplinary field, this book, while not always breaking new ground, in several of its best parts reminds us of how highly different social, political, and cultural conditions in different parts of the world may create similar challenges to the agents of memory active in these realms. Roger I. Simon has a point in quoting Irit Rogoff in his afterword: it is not necessarily the success that counts in the pedagogy of museums; it is trying.

The essay has been extended into a current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

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A Global Perspective, Leipzig , pp. Redaktion: hsk. Forgotten memories of a social justice education: Difficult knowledge and the impossibilities of school and research. Curriculum Inquiry , Tuck, E. Unbecoming claims: Pedagogies of refusal in qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry , 20 , Wang, S.

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The effecting eye: An integrated approach to teaching history of photography. Zembylas, M. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education , Teaching in the real world. Quinlan Ed.