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After heavy rainfall, the underground maze gets submerged by water and they are forced to stop working. Shot during a five month expedition, the marine wildlife and flora are shown in this film as well as the technical apparatus used to film these stunning images wich have now disappeared. The music and editing, from the expert hand of Gerard Corbiau, harmonize in the documentary with the experiments of the scientists.

The hand of Man tickles fish and fishes for shark, scratches the coral, lifts seashells and shellfish, to reveal an independent life with its own secrets. And return to the endless debate : is it really necessary to disturb Nature to understand it. Men between the ages of 20 and 40 have been confronted with an unforeseen pregnancy.

In most cases, abortion followed. They reveal their feelings and thoughts about this event. Cinema is perceived by the Algerian government as a dangerous protest weapon and is frequently a subject of censorship. The apparently peaceful and rationally irrational existence of these few diehards is in all points a question of survival and reminds us that a patch of land is, in the final analysis, our strongest bond to the world. And raises the following questions : Why does this animal kingdom exert on us either fascination or feelings of disgust?

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Does the world perceived by our senses resemble the one perceived by animals? Can mankind really get to know insects or only dream about it? A film shooting hard to carry out, with actors misled by a director, mean in revealing information about the film making conditions for his film proposal. I grew up in Cameroun following the traditions until I was In , I moved to Belgium to pursue my studies.

Fiasco (Baleine noire) (French Edition)

It was the first time I left my country. She is 68 years old and has always lived in Cameroun. She got married at the age of 18 to a man that her parents introduced to her. This film is a face-to-face that confronts and questions the choices of two women. Two generations face each other, but above all, two women sharing with each other their intimacy, their sufferings and their desires. We call those who suffer from the melancholy of eternity, eternals. Convinced that death cannot triumph over their lives, they believe that they are doomed to wander in anticipation of the day when they will be freed from their existence.

This film is a story of wandering and fleeing, on the borders of Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan. Inhabited by the ghosts of genocide and by the war that has raged there for over twenty years, the characters who pass through this film carry within themselves the melancholy of the eternals. I was then living in a city in the Algerian Sahara.

The spring holidays get off to a gloomy start for Makenzy. He wanders around aimlessly and watching the people who live in his village. His day brightens up when he sets off on a country walk with his sister. Night falls to the sound of music and the two children laugh breathlessly, forgetting the reality of their everyday lives and the impending end of the holidays.

Following the Paris attacks in November , the Belgian Minister of Interior increased the alert level on the national scale.

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In one of his interviews, he announced that he wanted to clean up Molenbeek, a region in Brussels recently tied to islamist extremism. Meanwhile, a resident from Schaerbeek noticed unusual things happening in front of her window. She decided to alert the authorities. In Fascist Italy in the thirties, many inhabitants of Borgo emigrated to the colonies of the Italian empire in Africa. Pushed by poverty or the spirit of adventure, they went in search of the Eldorado that propaganda had promised them. But their dreams crumbled after just a few years of hard labor.

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War and the fall of the regime lead to the loss of the colonies, forcing them to return to Borgo having lost everything. Words, written memoirs and hundreds of photos witnesses and reveal a tale long shrouded in silence. East Shore is a short documentary portrait of Marnix Verleene, a fisherman in Ostend. The East Shore in Ostend is the neighbourhood in which fishermen dwell: they weave nets, play cards and kill time. Now, this district is being demolished: high, white residential blocks are rising up instead.

A funny, quirky, rebellious and worried film that shows how the male identity expresses itself through the games men play. These games give away the mechanisms of an imposed masculinity and the distress of men confronted to a role they find harder and harder to play.

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At age 80, Ronald Creagh sings Joe Hill at the top of his lungs. The regular and circular movements of the camera through landscapes testify to a solitary and resilient act. Some architecture transports us to silent utopian zones. And regularly, the laughter, the children, the explosions and old images of Rave parties summon up limitless vitality. A muffled clarity emerges from all of this: obey? What for?

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July The Romanian police arrest five men and a woman charged with robbing the National Bank — all are Jewish, and the men all had ties to the state apparatus. Six months later, a film written by the political police restages the crime, with the protagonists of the heist acting their own roles. Shortly after the filming, the men were sentenced to death, the woman to life imprisonment. Deep into preparations for a prestigious international cello competition, year-old Sevak, a combat sport enthusiast, lives the experience with his body, mind and heart.

It will make a man and an artist of him. On screen the film starts with and then develops my obsession for iconic representations, and those of Christian saints in particular. Throughout this work, as the actors reenact scenes symbolizing saints, I question them on their efforts and determination to detach themselves from their own cultural and religious heritage. Everyone comes from a different cultural and religious background, and is not particularly familiar with Christian representations. The purpose is not to confront our heritage but to share our attempts and will to move away from it, literally and figuratively, from where we come from.

In this film we will talk about images in its broader sense: visual memory, religious imagery, social and political Images, especially for those who experienced war as have two of the three main characters. Everything takes place in Brussels. This geographical detail makes sense. This city, a European and multicultural capital, creates perhaps better than anywhere else an imperfect dispossession, that leads to restless wandering.

Brussels is a symbol of modernity, a city of cultural wanderers, a city of foreigners. Samir in the dust presents the aspirations and anxieties of a young Algerian smuggler, who carries petrol on the back of mules from his village to the Moroccan border. A very creative film filled with warm characters, even though they are caught in a dark economic reality.

The attacks are getting closer and the consequences are multiple. I refrain from talking about my own feelings, but how do those around me feel? When I ask my parents about the Belgium they knew before, I get the impression that it was not only a different era, but also another country. The wise fool Sandy lives in the here and now, while Liebermann is engulfed by unfinished projects and unfulfilled dreams.

These non-conformists, each in their own way, still search the world for perfection. Chicago A dozen police officers raid his apartement, killing Hampton and his brother in arms, Mark Clark. Upon arriving on the crime scene a few hours later, the two filmmakers are brutally sucked into an investigation that becomes the only barrier against the media and the police allegations. In , Morris takes an interest in James Grigson, a psychiatrist in Dallas. The director Errol Morris, convinced of the innocence of Adams and investigator for a private detective agency, starts shooting his film.

In this way Baloji and De Boeck do not only comment upon the degradation of colonial infrastructure but also explore the ways in which the city continues to reformulate these earlier propositions and to read new openings, possibilities and alternative utopian visions into the very ruination of the urban material fabric. Tremor is driven by the voices that run through it — the voices of poets and madmen, of a mother or a child. From self-reflexive thoughts to spontaneous accounts, from witness statements to pure fiction, they talk in turns about their experience of violence and war.

As we listen to them, our gaze is taken to places and scarred landscapes impossible to locate. Noises from elsewhere filter through. The image becomes distorted and porous.

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Music starts to play. The film lingers over the presence of a pianist, before diverging again…. I knew Ulysse when I was a child. He was a popular guy in my neighbourhood and I admired him for his good looks and charisma. We were friends but then we lost sight of each other. When we met again, I wanted to get back in touch and make a film with him. A decade after the destruction of war, Warsaw still looks bruised. Ruined houses are nevertheless inhabited, which can be dangerous for the local population.

Vietnam veterans from all branches of the American army, most of them very young, testified to atrocities they witnessed or participated in. Radio A Tout Prix. Archive Archive Who Are You October? Qui es-tu Octobre? All categories. Opening ceremony. Investigative Cinema. Belgian short film competition.