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Instead, they use burrows made by other animals. This novel was written by Lewis Carroll and published in the year Shortly after, she literally falls down the rabbit hole and ends up in a strange place called Wonderland. Meaning: 1.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Share Tweet Pin Reddit. The value of those retellings lies in their variety: fairy tales are a protean form that can and should be adapted to all manner of settings, perspectives, and genres. Also last fall, Michael Cunningham released a new collection called A Wild Swan , opening up 10 traditional literary fairy tales mostly from the 19th-century collections of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm in 10 new ways. In fact, fairy tales have always been more multifaceted than most casual readers know; the versions published for children over the course of the 19th century were flattened-out renditions of more various, more graphic, and often less sexist tales told all over Europe for generations.

Yes, even the grotesqueries of the Brothers Grimm are tamer than the stories that preceded them.

We think we know Wonderland and Oz inside out, but Maguire has explored byways no one else has; so it is that his recastings are at once so familiar and so fresh. By Jessica Campbell. By Gabrielle DaCosta. You Might Also Like.

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Because the Web can knit together numerous media platforms, and because it allows a story to unfold in real time, they recognized it as a new extension of the entertainment experience. It was a seminal moment in communications. The infection has to start small and feed on fascination.

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To create that kind of bond, Campfire immerses itself in the unspoken etiquettes and motivations of different target communities—Internet anthropology with a commercial twist. There he discovered, for example, that unfinished bootlegs of new games are highly prized among fans—so Campfire had Beta-7 send bootlegs to a few voices whom Monello had identified as leaders of the tribe.

The seeds took: Those players uploaded screen shots to all the big gamer sites.

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Unlike traditional product placement, where a product is jammed into a storyline, the A3 would become a central character. Where the Sega hoax had tapped into an already game-centric culture, this time Campfire faced a far more amorphous group.

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Within hours of the sign going up at the auto show, car blogs as far off as Japan were posting photos of the missing A3, and a gritty security video began circulating online of a car being stolen. The story slowly unspooled in TV, print, and online spots.

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Every few weeks, a classified ad ran in various cities, urging the public to join Nisha on a critical real-world mission to retrieve an SD card from one of the A3s. Each volunteer was required to submit to a background check, and the missions—which took place everywhere from the Coachella Valley Music Festival, in California, to a waffle house in Atlanta—were streamed live to as many as , people at a time.

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For Audi, the payoff for all that attention to detail was pretty impressive: 2 million unique visitors to its site, and 4, test-drives within two months. H ale is stroking his grizzly, ash-colored beard in the corner of a war room in Troy, Michigan.

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On Second Life , people live virtually through their avatars and can do everything from shopping at American Apparel to having sex. The strategy so far is to have Pontiac financially support virtual car-related businesses, such as racetracks and drive-ins, in an online universe where people can create anything but need real-world dollars to do it. Yes, it is a treacherous world for marketers—and getting worse. Suspicious consumers are now making the job even harder by flooding the Web with their own content.