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Sounds like you are now opening up to the ones you are given, and to receiving the wisdom they have. Congratulations on your new discovery! And, no, our loved ones never leave us. Why thank you! I would love to take a bus trip to meet you and get some healing and ask you lots of questions. Please guide me in the right direction or maybe you know some good books Thank you.. I have asked for signs after going through an unwanted divorce. I have had three fires in the last couple months, two of which were bizarre and have cost me money to repair damage. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Jackie. Wow, those are some potent lessons! But, I would venture to guess that, outside of being even more careful about possible fire hazards, you might need to explore moving through any anger, rage, and resentment, and re-evaluate any attachments that may be misplaced. I am having a very troubling time understanding any signs from the universe recently.

In mid January I had a severe pain and had to go to the hospital.

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They found nothing at all, and as they were examining me, the pain went away and has not returned. A few days later I had to put my beloved dog down. She is now in hospice care. Another week later one of my oldest and dearest friends passed away suddenly due to a drug overdose. A few weeks later, my Aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer. Because of such patterns I fear that there is another death around the corner. I am having a great deal of trouble with my faith in the universe. Everything I believed not a couple of months ago seems to be shaken. I want to have faith, but part of me is questioning all of my beliefs.

I have been working on writing a novel, very slowly, with a great deal of difficulty as I am not college educated and have never written anything of this length and depth. I do not intend for fame or fortune or for being an author to be my career -this one story simply, has always felt like my purpose.

Writing this story has taken those aspects of me to a new level. Now I fear that my focusing so intently on myself and my dream has caused the universe to interfere and try to catch my attention, telling me to leave my dream behind and focus on the people in my life, rather than myself. In part that makes me feel like this I all MY fault, simply by existing and needing these lessons. That alone has shaken my faith. Your article said that memories can serve as a sign.

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As I read that, my first memory of when I was not yet 2 years old surfaced. I was outside with my twin sister. I had found a large rock and picked it up. Proud of my strength I went to get my mother to show her what I could do. When we returned, she had done the opposite of what I told her, and she had dropped the rock on her tow, making it bleed and leading la tee to the loss of her toenail.

This particular memory got me to think to heat perhaps the universe is trying to tell me that focusing on my abilities, my goals, is hurting the people I love. I suppose I am asking for your opinion on all of this.

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My soul is rather lost these days, between losing faith in my faith and not knowing how to read the signs of the universe. I thought my truth was writIng this story, in hopes of helping some of the people in the world in some small but meaningful way.

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Now I am so uncertain if I should accept my truth and follow my dream, or let it go. Thank you for any input you might. I am just so very desperate for some wisdom and perspective. I hope you are well. First of all, thank you for trusting myself and my readers with your story.

I am noticing that you seem to take ownership for the actions of others, and what they choose to do in their lives. Your first memory that you mention is meaningful. Allow yourself to heal and move on, and only own the actions that YOU do, not what others do. Make sense? As for following your dream? Your dream is a reflection of your Heart and Spirit, and must be acknowledged. Could this be a message, if so.. At one time I was losing my house keys and my late sister told I needed to move. Sure enough, 2 months later I did and was very happy.

Thanks for your inquiry! This is something that you need to further look into, and see what meaning you are attaching to losing your glasses. Your Third Eye wisdom may be speaking to you. Have been asking for a sign. Currently sorting through layers of life. Your article gave me chills. For one, synchronicity, synchronicity. By simply typing in to google search, and following my gut, this article comes. For instance, the audio in one of my other tabs matched up exactly with my pace of reading the page, and said exactly what was on the page.

Beyond the fact that there is no randomness in the universe, humans are gifted, in that we can interact directly with the forces of creation. Your article guided me, and it opened my eyes to the diversity of my talents. I am gifted on all three counts :clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Going back to work now, in amazement and peace. There is also claircognizance, I wonder if that rings alive for you, too?

Margarita, Yes!!!! I have had dreams of being a black man marrying his wife, or a young white male meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time, I have seen genocide, and more. However my exposure to media and external inspiration is limited, if anything completely nonexistent. Rarely do I watch movies [especially not horror].

How in our day to day lives can psychic gifts be used to benefit others? To be of service to others, using your psychic abilities, just tune into your Higher Self, and see what she has to say.

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You can also ask your Spirit Guides for help on giving you a sign towards next steps. I have lost almost every important person in my life. I feel lost all the time, daily life is just so hard but I trudge through because I have no choice.

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But deep down I do believe, God , Angels the whole lot. I know this is like 2 years late but honestly i feel the exact same as you did. I met this guy through a professional set up a few months ago. Straight away I knew there was something special between us. I think he felt the same. Nothing happened.

We parted ways. And guess what?