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Here is my ridiculously long list of good questions to ask. Use them to get a conversation going or as a fun way to pass the time with friends or loved ones. Try to be creative as you can and have fun with the questions. If you could switch two movie characters, what switch would lead to the most inappropriate movies?

18 Most Common Interview Questions and Best Answers (With Tips)

What inanimate object would be the most annoying if it played loud upbeat music while being used? If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days? In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?

What would be the worst thing to hear as you are going under anesthesia before heart surgery?

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If you were given a PhD degree, but had no more knowledge of the subject of the degree besides what you have now, what degree would you want to be given to you? If you were moving to another country, but could only pack one carry-on sized bag, what would you pack?

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If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to see any famous world monument, which monument would you choose? If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create? If you could know the truth behind every conspiracy, but you would instantly die if you hinted that you knew the truth, would you want to know?

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What happens in your country regularly that people in most countries would find strange or bizarre? What scientific discovery would change the course of humanity overnight if it was discovered? If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to look like? This is my favorite question to ask in any sort of interview since it really turns the tables.

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I remember asking this question from a chief operating officer COO in a medium-sized company, and the answer I got was very, very vague. After all, you worked nights and days only to be tossed aside.

This is a downward spiral into unhappiness, unfulfillment, and probably switching companies. Why would any company that makes money online make such critical changes during the hours when everyone has gone home and forgotten about their jobs? This question gives the interviewer a chance to give you a clear view of the company's vision.

Is the vision exciting and clear?

Do you agree and align with that vision? You can usually tell when a company has a great vision. Usually, vision is what feeds people. A place with no vision often has a horrible culture and high turnover. There are hundreds of thousands of developer jobs — pick the one that suits you the most. They should still offer competitive pay even if the vision is exciting. Thanks for reading, I hoped you learned something new. Sign in. Get started. Archive Write For Us About. What kind of questions should I ask at the end of the developer job interview?

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