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For Wizard Theatre she is one of the original team facilitators for the hugely successful Pupil Premium Project.

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She began her career as a dancer and has since worked all over the world as an actor, director, teacher and physical theatre performer. She has run numerous workshops for the Old Vic including audition technique with Kevin Spacey. Outreach work includes leading drama projects in prisons, working with young people at risk, young refugees, people with disabilities, using drama to build confidence for people suffering from mental health issues and leading a mime project on health issues with Aboriginal children in the Australian outback. She was the resident Drama co-coordinator for Wizard Theatre at the Church End project in Neasden, until it finished in and now works on the Pupil Premium Project in between her numerous other engagements.

He spent two years making theatre for young people as a company member of the Unicorn Theatre. Jay trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. He then trod the boards across the country and beyond in a career spanning almost 20 years.

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He facilitated both our Drug and Crime awareness workshops for several years which rekindled his love of working with young people. He has taught drama at Stagecoach Harrow and lives locally in Edgware. Matthew studied at St John's University York, before going on to train in physical theatre at Liverpool. He has toured nationally and internationally performing this year in France and Holland as well as almost every inch of the UK.

Miranda has taught for many children's theatre companies and youth theatres, and particularly for Stagecoach Amersham where she has taught drama, coached LAMDA exams and run children's parties for almost 6 years. Naomi trained at East Neville is the proprietor of Stella Six public relations agency.

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As a member of the original presenting team, for 4 years, she was watched by over 3 million viewers every day. She has also written plays for young people and has been involved in creating drama for theatre companies such as Polka Theatre, The Royal National Theatre educational department and The Half Moon Theatre Company.

As well as writing and performing, Nicole continues to work with children and young people facilitating drama sessions in schools and youth clubs. SHINE is her own Drama school in Reading, where children who are under confident can find their mojo through performing arts. Oliver is Artistic Director of the international award winning theatre company Illyria which is 24 years old this year! He has directed and co-produced the last 8 winter shows for Wizard.

He is also appearing in a national television ad campaign for smoke alarms, which involved him filming underwater for long periods in the diving tank at Pinewood Studios! Paula trained at Mountview academy of Theatre Arts. Whilst in training, Paula represented Mountview at the Sam Wanamaker festival. Alongside her performing work, Paula is a manager and drama teacher for Stagecoach and she also run her own company 'The story hat' which provides interactive story telling for young children.

Ruth trained at East 15 Acting School. They have Sky and I haven't got that at home. Two newcomers, Rupert Grint, 11, and Emma Watson, 10, who have appeared only in school plays, are cast as Ron and Hermione, Harry's best friends at Hogwarts. David Heyman, the producer, said every effort would be made to reproduce Rowling's vision.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. English boy picked to play Harry Potter. By Hugh Davies. Pont is an alien that Nita meets in The Wizard's Dilemma when in the practice universes. He is a plural—one person in multiple bodies—which is apparently normal in his universe.

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He looks to Nita like five giant blue ball bearings. Harold Edward Callahan , Nita and Dairine's father. After his wife's death, he grows closer to his daughters and also to the world of wizardry, serving as a comforter and encourager to wizards who are going through a hard time, notably to Filif and Tom in Wizard's Holiday. Harry is a florist and landscape gardener; Nita believes she gets her talents with living things especially plants from him. Nita and Dairine inherited their magic powers from his side of the family. Nita and Dairine's late mother, and the focus of The Wizard's Dilemma.

A former professional ballerina, Betty passed on both her red hair and her natural grace to Dairine. Kit's sister, a couple of years older than he.

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She bought a laser dissociator off the Mizarthu shopping network, which she uses to help Nita and Sker'ret defend The Crossings. She is in the process of learning The Speech, despite the fact that she's not a wizard. Once Carmela learns The Speech, she spends most of her time watching TV from across the galaxy, and talking to her new alien friends. She seems to have a talent for languages, as she was learning Japanese before taking up the study of The Speech, and presumably knows Spanish as well. She helps Dairine deal with the exchange wizards in Wizard's Holiday.

In Wizards at War Carmela also manages to free the entire group when they are captured at a crucial moment. During A Wizard of Mars she assists in the translation of an ancient text found in a cavern on Mars. Kit's oldest sister. She is away attending college and lives there. She originally believed that Kit had made a deal with the devil.

As of A Wizard of Mars , she believes he is a mutant. Robert Millman is the school therapist; he first appears in A Wizard Alone to help Nita and, later, Dairine, with their mother's death. Although he is not himself a wizard, he knows of wizards and so recognizes Nita for what she is.

Later, in Wizards at War , he helps by arranging for them to get time off from school. More worried about food and squirrels than anything else, Ponch accompanies Kit and Nita on some of their adventures. As the series progresses it is obvious that something is different about Ponch; at the beginning of the series, he is featured as a minor character, mostly a source of canine comic relief, but further on his character is developed into more of a supporting role and partner to Kit.

He starts to find and even create alternate universes his favorite being a squirrel universe and eventually is revealed to be a canine Power, namely the canine version of the One, according to the Transcendent Pig. After this, Kit mourns his loss, only to have a stray dog come up to him and reveal that Ponch is inside all dogs now.

Machu Picchu is an irascible scarlet macaw owned by Tom and Carl. Extremely grumpy and given to showing off, she can also tell the future: her advice saves Nita and Kit in all of the first three books. Khairelikoblepharehglukumeilichephreidosd'enagouni , nicknamed Fred by Kit from the syllable phreid in his name, is a white hole who features in So You Want to Be a Wizard.

He appears when Nita and Kit do a finding spell to try to retrieve Nita's space pen, and bears a message for Tom and Carl. Fred is the catalyst for Nita and Kit's Ordeal, starting them on a quest to find the Book of Night with Moon; he is comic in his appreciation of the delights of Earth and he becomes good friends with Nita and Kit. He is the master of his species, a great white shark; throughout the book he is both aloof and threatening. Although he frightens Nita, they strike up an unusual friendship. He is dryly funny, although at first Nita doesn't find him so.

His role in the song is to devour Nita, as the Silent One; however, at the end of the book, Ed sacrifices himself rather than let Nita die. He has been called Chao, but it is unclear if that is a personal name or merely an epithet. The Pig is designated as being between mortals and the Powers That Be, more than a mortal but less than a Power, and is Omnipresent though not necessarily Omniscient.