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I didn't understand what it meant? Thanks in advance. When a die is cast literally, it is permanent.

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Here it is used metaphorically. In this usage, I interpret it to mean that the person in question has fallen in love with, or become smitten with the doll. In other words, he had to possess the doll, at all costs.

The Die is Cast (Fleet battle)

Die is the singular form of dice. In a gambling game one throws - or casts - the dice to win money. Once the dice are thrown you cannot change your bet and must win or lose, depending on what numbers are displayed on each die.

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  • Saying the die was cast, as hotrod explained, means that fate took over and you had no say in what happened next. As far as I know, "die" here refers the die that you roll in a game of chance most often heard as a pair of dice.

    Julius Caesar - The die is cast.

    It is said to have originated as a famous expression with Julius Ceasar when he was returning to Rome after a victory and dared to cross the Rubicon into Rome at a time when the Senate was not supporting him. Roman armies were not allowed to enter Rome without the Senate's express permission. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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      The Die Is Cast: Precision Electrophilic Modifications Contribute to Cellular Decision Making.

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