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Reviewers may quote brief passages. Originally published in by Findhorn Foundation. On my desk is a small figure of Mickey Mouse dressed up in a sorcerer's robe and hat, waving a magical wand, a memento of a long-ago visit to Disneyland. It's Mickey in his Sorcerer's Apprentice role from the movie Fantasia. I have it there partly because I love wizards and it's fun to see it, and partly to remind me of what we're moving away from as an objective.

If you remember the movie, the sorcerer's apprentice dreams of himself as a master adept, standing on a mountain top, wielding vast magical powers as all the elements of the world and the cosmos do his bidding. The reality, of course, is that he doesn't know what he's doing and ends up making a disaster with the powers he's invoked.

However, the image of the adept who has inner powers at his or her control with which to shape and move the world is a magnetic one in the imagination of our culture. It's the image of Faust, or even more anciently, that of Prometheus, the bringer of fire—the power of the gods—to humanity. In modern times, this image has metamorphosed into that of the scientist or the engineer, or the corporate CEO, or even the computer geek who has mastered the intricacies of cyberspace and the Internet.

Laws of Manifestation

It is an image of mastery and power, the ability to translate one's will into tangible effects in the world. This is a very appealing image to many of us in today's world. The size and scope of modern civilization and the challenges with which it confronts us often make us feel dwarfed and powerless. We talk about big business, big government, big problems, and in the process, we can come to feel very little indeed.

The idea of having the power to really shape our world seems out of reach for most of us. In this context, the idea of manifestation has a definite appeal. It seems to promise a wizard-like power that we may find nowhere else in our lives, the power to shape our destinies, to attract money, real estate, loving relationships, high-paying jobs, diamond necklaces, fabulous health, and whatever else we may want.

The idea of manifestation touches on the most basic of human experiences: desire and the ability to satisfy our desire. Who has not wanted something and not known how to get it? Who has not needed something and despaired of receiving it? What's more, as usually presented, manifestation seems a power that is easy to attain and apply.

I don't need a college education, I don't need to work hard, I don't need a special network of high-powered friends or acquaintances, and I don't need a ton of money in the bank. All I need is the ability to imagine and to think positively. Anyone can do that! What could be simpler?

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Of course, if that were all there were to it, we would all be living in mansions, money bulging out of bank accounts, driving fancy cars, living lives of sybaritic leisure—or being or doing whatever else pleased us and fulfilled our desires. But before looking at the nature and possibilities of manifestation itself, I want to go back to the image of Sorcerer Mickey.

Beginning with the Age of Reason in the seventeenth century, on through the Age of Enlightenment a century later and especially with the beginning of the Industrial Era in the nineteenth century, the european image of humanity and its place in the world changed dramatically. It went from a vision of humanity as part of the great chain of being, part of the circle of life, to seeing humans as dominant over creation, bending nature to our will and enterprise.

It was during this time that the image of the lone adept wielding vast powers over the world in promethean fashion became such a magnetic one in western culture. As an image, it fit right into western society's new sense of humanity's role in the world. But it's a profoundly flawed image of disconnected power, of power wielded without a sense of any larger wholeness or any guiding value other than personal desire and will. The consequences for Mickey are disastrous as he sets forces into motion he neither anticipated nor can control. Likewise, our culture has set into motion forces in the environment that we never anticipated nor can control, with consequences in the form of climate change, rising sea levels, depletion of natural resources, and social upheaval that may be disastrous for us as well.

The Laws of Manifestation by David Spangler (2009, Paperback)

The image of Mickey the Sorcerer as a symbol of the western image of the adept, whether that adeptship is magical, scientific, financial, or political, is one of mind over matter. It is an image of domination and control. There are situations in which domination and control may be perfectly appropriate and necessary, but generally not with people and not with life or the world itself.

In recent years, a different model has been emerging based on a growing understanding of ecology, systems theory, cognitive biology, and the interconnectedness of life. This model has variously been called holistic, integral, or Gaian A tribute to the idea that earth as a whole is a living organism, Gaia. Its approach might better be called mind within matter. Full of stories and tips and whip cracking, this is one of my favorites. Cuz she kind of scares me. This is an awesome read—I devoured the whole thing in one sitting. The book details his life from when he started his little record shop to becoming one of the most famous and radical entrepreneurs who went on to buy his own island and fly hot air balloons over the ocean in the jet stream.

I would like very much to party with this guy. I could list about seventy more here, but you may not find the life and accomplishments of, say, Dolly Parton or Eleanor Roosevelt, as riveting and inspiring as I do. Long hailed as a leading master of intuition, Laura Day has worked with everyone from high-powered business people to hippies to celebrities to financial analysts to housewives. She is the queen of showing people how to access their intuition so they can make more informed decisions and design more authentic lives.

This book gives all her secrets and tried and true tips on connecting with your inner GPS via exercises and case studies. Good old Deepak breaks achieving success down into seven, easy-to-follow steps based on spiritual principles. This is one of my all-time favorites for its small size and profoundly potent advice. It delivers deeply spiritual and powerful information in bite-sized chunks and gives clear exercises on using it in your everyday life to achieve what you want.

In this book, Wayne Dyer shows how raising our frequency can be used to solve everyday problems.

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He draws from various spiritual traditions and the pontifications of several spiritual thought leaders to lead us through the process of making our lives a lot more pleasant and meaningful. Full of explanations, examples and exercises, this book is an excellent guide to staying in The Zone while you go about your life. Written by novelist Steven Pressfield, this is a classic for writers, musicians and artists of all kinds, including you, no matter who you are, because you are the artist creating your own life.

Hence, read this thing if you want to blast past your fears and insecurities and resistance to being your biggest, badassiest self. He even uses some curse words here and there. The back of the book is all about the body and how all our injuries and dis-eases can be traced back to negative thought patterns. I have a friend who completely cured himself of something the doctors were baffled by through reading this book and doing what it says.

This book was written by a woman who was told by her mentor to give something away, every day, for twenty-nine days, to help heal herself of multiple sclerosis.

She started a blog to chart her journey and encouraged her followers to write in and do the same, which turned into a full-on movement, which led to this bestselling book. While it does indeed teach you how to create money, it also gives clear instruction on meditation, clearing blocks, manifesting, working with energy, gaining clarity, etc.

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All of which contribute to manifesting money, as well as pretty much everything else, into your life. Easy to read and follow with simple exercises and deceptively deep concepts broken down, this is an awesome starter book as well as one to always have around to provide important reminders and re-alignment. The very first sentence of this book made me slam it shut and leave it untouched for years.

How gross is that?! This is now easily the book I recommend to people the most, and the one I read over and over. Anyway, Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful businessmen at the time to gather the information for this incredible, how-to guide. I read this book over and over, too.

Do what he says and really do all of it and you will be large and in charge. A beautifully written book on the spiritual side of wealth, money and profit by the ever-stellar Marianne Williamson. She is one of my faves.

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I demand you see her speak if you ever get the chance. Not the best written book ever, fairly selly and packed to the gills with cheese and yet, I highly recommend it. T Harv what the hell kind of name is that anyway? He does an excellent job of getting you to feel around and tap into your deeper purpose by asking lots of great questions and looking at things from all sorts of angles.

This book is awesome, really walks you through some good steps and asks some great questions to get you the clarity you seek. Back when I was flopping around trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life, I found it really helpful to look at how others were living to see if any of it sounded like it would be a good fit for me too. I found this book to be extremely enlightening, fun to read and fascinating.