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The vibratory rate of the planet and its humanity is low enough that this ability is currently virtually inaccessible.

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Horowitz - Bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the s and s. Researchers developed countless immune ravaging viruses, and experimented with antidote vaccines allegedly for defense and cancer prevention. Excerpt: You could even be jailed in America for not growing cannabis during several periods of shortage, e. Knuth -The colossal political and financial organization centered in London, known as The city, operates as a super-government of the world; no incident has occurred anywhere without its participation in some form.

Its pretentions are supported in the U. What we call "I" is just a swinging door which moves when we inhale and exhale. Nichols was taken to the Pleiades and given a superb scientific education. New concepts such as: the creation of alternate realities through the use of twisters and spinners; mind control aspects of the Star Wars defense system; implants; alien abductions and much more.

JFK assassination: Canadian believes father took photo of 2nd assassin

Captivating, detailed encounters with physicians and patients, mystics and the martial artists. This definitive classic on food, gardening, and self-sufficient living is a complete resource for living off the land with over pages of collected wisdom.

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A grid of energies runs through the Earth according to specific geometric and mathematical principles. Cathie developed extensive details regarding this grid, including usage by classified gov t projects. She tells readers how they, too, can visualize these energy systems, determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of these energies, and devise highly effective treatments to remedy specific ailments and injuries. This is the only interactive guide that shows how you can work with energy to strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems; alleviate pain, emotional stress, and depression; and improve memory and learning skills..

More often than not we are like molecules, randomly reacting and responding to external energy forces that we are not aware of. One such force is the energy vampire: individuals who take excessive amounts of energy without giving anything in return, leaving us drained and ineffectual. A practical guide for how to protect yourself, your business, and the people you care about from those who prey on and consume the energy of others.

Enoch, The Books of by R. The New Testament quotes these books over times - but lost them for a thousand years. Fragments were also found in the caves at Qumran and the Bible mentions this book in more than one place. Once in the Book of Jude. King - This is one of the oldest stories known to mankind, first written down by the ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago.

It is receiving renewed interest from modern researchers exploring the origins of mankind, the earth, and the solar system. It is also effective in relieving hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and other symptoms of menopause. Join this student and his Adept Guide on an alchemical journey to the End of the Earth.

Stolen Child

One of the greatest classics on the Hollow Earth. It is also an appeal for a more open and extended inquiry into some of the remaining mysteries of outer space, including indications of past and present non-human intelligences, and also into the eternal mystery of the mind within. It is timely and inspiring. They levy his bank accounts and seize his assets forcing him out of business. Dennis accepts help from a tax attorney, but without adequate funds he must resort to her off record advice.

She impart the knowledge necessary to understand an injustice to the populace, change can occur via the will of the people.

Kennedy Assassination Final Report

An interesting and tumultuous climax. This is the movie that was pulled from theaters within a few days of opening. A facsimile reproduction of the letter addressed to Dr. David Goldstein, LL. Firsthand testimony from living sources, recorded traditions of Celtic literature and mythology, an examination of a variety of theories and religious aspects - remarkably rational case for the reality of fairy life. Unabridged republication of the classic edition.

The John F. Kennedy assassination: Why he was killed and by whom

Supreme Court documents on his Wardenclyffe Tower. The FED began with approximately people, or banks, that became. They make up an international banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison. The FED creates money from nothing, and loans it back to us charging usury on our currency.

The FED also buys government debt and charges U. The ownership of the 12 Central Banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed. Gary Allen is a graduate of Stanford U. Fenton was extremely careful to maintain the spirit and sense of the original text. An edition of the Bible that is of inestimable value to sincere students. From original plates. A rare translation and very hard to locate, going in and out of print. A human life is like a single letter in the alphabet. It can be meaningless. Or it can be part of a great meaning.

Lynne McTaggart, indefatigable investigative journalist, reveals a radical new biological paradigm -that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. This is a rare reprint. There at the center of the Earth, the Atlanteans still live in peace and tranquility away from the war-like elements of the surface dwellers. This book will force you to revaluate your beliefs of the past.

Abbott - After more than a century, Edwin Abbott s Flatland is still the best introduction to the method of analogy used by virtually all mathematicians and physicists when describing the fourth dimension. The facts contradict the scientific establishment s dominant views of human origins and antiquity. A challenge to rethink human origins and accepted methods of science itself. Bush and the Making of an American President by J. Hatfield - Since , The most talked-about Bush biography. Two editions have been successfully suppressed.

On July 17, , Hatfield took an overdose of pills, ending his own life after what Mark Crispin Miller describes as ruination at the hands of the Bush machine and a compliant corporate press. Key information to not only the making of our current president, but also the machinery of American politics. Fourth Reich of the Rich: The Missing Dimension in World Affairs by Des Griffin - Proof that international communism is not a creation of the masses to overthrow the banking establishment but rather a creation of the banking cabal to overthrow the masses.

That civilization is presently faced with its greatest crisis of the Ages is beyond question. But why? These effects didn t just happen - they were caused. Something brought them into existence and sustains them. Mead, M. An attempt to bring together all the existing sources of information of the earliest Christian Philosophers.

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Combbound; 8. Magnetic motors and other over-unity devices. Townsend Brown, and more. Photos, diagrams, patents. Mysteries galore are unveiled - an incredible wealth of information across countless subjects and shows how they seamlessly connect. The presentation the Illuminati tried to stop - interviews were cancelled immigration officials questioned his right to speak pressure was applied on the venue to cancel and pies were even thrown by a rent-a-mob who ludicrously and outrageously sought to dub him a racist.

David was particularly high energy and quick witted. Each gem is engraved with the name of a tribe of Israel. These names are found written upon twelve gates of pearl New Jerusalem in Revelation.

They taught man to construct the pyramids and left messages coded in them concerning impending Earth changes at the end of the Mayan calendar The dominant architectural design in Egypt, Sumeria, Peru, Mexico, and China was the pyramid. Humanity s development has finally reached the point where the secret messages of these structures can be de-coded. Genetic engineering.. These ultramodern advances were known to our forefathers millions of yesterdays ago Sitchin reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind s latest scientific discoveries neverbefore-revealed facts that challenge long-held, conventional beliefs about our planet and our species.

Falone - Genius is not the result of environmental accidents or genetic mutations, or bestowed to a chosen few.