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This approach to passing leads to the formation of pedestrian lanes of traffic. Human systems engineers like me know that pedestrian lanes emerge naturally in crowded environments. Within the built environment, designers have used different techniques to encourage particular pedestrian traffic patterns. But do two lanes of pedestrian traffic on an escalator actually help you reach your destination more quickly?

Should there be a walking lane and a standing lane, or should both lanes be used for standing only? One study reported that Should an entire lane of the escalator be left open for a small, impatient proportion of the crowd?

Race Walking Technique

When designers plan spaces such as roads, buildings and corridors, they consider the space needed for each person in the environment. The space needed changes depending on how the space will be used. Someone standing needs, on average, a little over three square feet 0.

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That means a constrained space such as an escalator can comfortably hold more than twice the number of standing pedestrians as walking pedestrians. No walking was allowed on the crammed escalator, which allowed more people to move through the station in the same amount of time as before. A highly efficient escalator is one that has the most output — that is, carries the most people to the destination.

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But the change was contentious. Social convention in transport has often favored the individual traveler.

For example, allowing people to walk up the left does allow some individuals to move faster, even though it reduces the capacity of the escalator and slows down the overall travel time for others. To improve the overall system, the system-level efficiency is what should be considered. Engineers consider a lot of pedestrians in one area a high-density crowd. In these situations, pedestrians tend to walk much slower than when in a low-density or open space.

Power Walk 101

This slower pace is caused by both a lack of space, as well as the need for each pedestrian to make more decisions — should I speed up? Slow down? They did. Most amazing about this bizarre episode is that Walker could remember which holes and how many times her caddie was behind her without her starting the process over. She had 21 violations the first round — each penalty is two shots — and eight in the second round before she was aware of her mistake. I don't have anyone to blame but myself.

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